Federico Saretzki * Music as an Experience *

Suffering of Schizophonia, revealing various musical tastes at the same time!

Federico Saretzki known as Mr Magoo and Saretzk!

Music is my passion.
Audio gear an obsession.
Making music an experience a daily path


Lounge, world music, deep house, jazz, Latin jazz, fussion, among others.

Blending Latin beats world music, ethno moods and deep house in a fabulous and exciting music journey.

He has been a metropolitan DJ spinning in countries like Colombia (Bogot?, Cartagena), US (NYC) and Canada (Ottawa)

Experimented and versatile DJ has worked with worldwide recognized brands like Red Bull, Mazda, Diageo, among others. 

Private parties, lounges, film screenings, galleries, and corporate functions.

Senior Channel Director for http://www.frescaradio.com/

Dj Press Kit (In spanish only) http://issuu.com/saretzki/docs/press_kit_saretzk__2014

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Email: [email protected]

SKYPE: fsaretzki

Twitter: @saretzki 



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